Why Futsal Goalkeepers Don’t Wear Gloves?

Futsal goalie is playing without gloves
Written by Damien Gavrilho

In futsal, only a few goalkeepers utilize goalkeeper gloves, while the majority never do.

It’s true that futsal and soccer have a lot in common. Though futsal is considered a “soccer variant,” it doesn’t mean that what is considered “usual” in soccer equally applies to futsal.

Here are some reasons why gloves are not frequently used in futsal.

Size of the ball

futsal ball characteristics

The fact that the futsal ball is smaller and firmer makes it simpler to handle without gloves is one explanation. The futsal ball is smaller in volume, which gives the goalkeeper superior control.

The goalkeeper can grab the futsal ball with one hand and quickly toss it forward to his team without the need for assistance from the other hand.

It is critical for the goalkeeper to be able to sense the ball under his fingers in order to have greater ball control. Using gloves during futsal games would not have the same effect, in most situations.

When a goalkeeper fails to control the ball with the tips of his fingers, the ball will be slower and less accurate.

Smaller Playing Field

Marking on the futsal court field explained.

Futsal fields are substantially smaller than soccer fields. This means that, although a soccer goalie may not always be able to put his or her teammates in a good position to score goals, a futsal goalkeeper may.

As a futsal goalkeeper, it is critical to be able to quickly throw the ball with one hand. The goalkeeper’s involvement in play creation is also becoming more crucial, especially given the dimensions of the playing field. It is also essential for developing counter-attacks.

In that case, the goalkeeper is in a position to immediately aid his teammates in goal-scoring. Using gloves may only get in the way of a goalkeeper moving quickly.

The Way Futsal Goalkeepers Defend

Futsal goalie saves the net

Futsal goalkeepers typically defend using their entire bodies. Because the futsal pitch is smaller than a soccer field, most shots on goal in futsal are made from a short distance.

It is common for the ball to hit the futsal goalkeeper’s body parts other than the hands because the goalkeeper won’t have much time to react to these strikes. They will have to utilize their entire body as a barrier in front of the goal rather than just their hands.

Thus, the futsal goalies have an additional reason not to wear futsal gloves because the hands are not usually the main body component used to block the balls as a result.

On the other hand, soccer goalies must frequently rely on their hands to make the majority of the saves that they perform. Soccer has a very huge net, which makes it difficult for goalkeepers to grab the ball with their hands without jumping exceptionally high.

Futsal is Played Indoors

Since futsal is an indoor game, goalkeepers do not have to worry about the ball getting wet during a match.

Conversely, because soccer is played outside, the ball may become slick and moist. In these circumstances, gloves might make the ball more abrasive. As a result, a soccer goalkeeper’s gloves can help them better grasp the ball on a rainy day.

Futsal goalkeepers benefit from not having to cope with any of these weather-related concerns while a game is taking place.

Bottom Line

In futsal, goalkeepers place greater importance on having better control over the ball than on wearing gear that can lessen the impact of the ball on their hands.

It’s important to note that some futsal goalkeepers do use gloves. To retain a firm hold on the ball and add an extra layer of hand protection, some of them also wear fingerless gloves.

Additionally, some futsal goalies tape their hands, and of course, some goalies choose to play with just their bare hands.

Although goalkeepers in futsal don’t wear gloves, the impact of the futsal ball still causes hand injuries.

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