Indoor Soccer Shoes vs Tennis Shoes: A Comparison Guide

Indoor soccer shoes vs tennis shoes
Written by Damien Gavrilho

Shoes are important gear in doing sports and there are a lot of athletic shoes which were made for every single sport. But are these only labels for marketing? We usually get questions like, “Can I use running shoes when playing tennis?”, or “Can you wear tennis shoes for playing indoor soccer?”. In this article, we will differentiate the indoor soccer shoes and tennis shoes. 

What Are Indoor Soccer Shoes?

Indoor soccer shooes

Just like any other sport, there are shoes that are suitable and appropriate for indoor soccer. Since indoor soccer is played on artificial turfs and smooth hard surfaces, they have harder soles that are made from rubber and also feature a houndstooth or honeycomb pattern for you to have a better grip and ultimate traction when playing. They are made to be low profile for exceptional contact with the surface. They are flat and do not have outer cleats, unlike the outdoor soccer shoes which are why you can actually use them as casual shoes.

Indoor soccer shoes or also known as futsal shoes provide support to your feet to move in multi-directions swiftly and comfortably. They also have paddings in the toe and heel areas for added protection and support when kicking the ball. Using indoor soccer shoes in a game will give you more advantage and more control of the ball. 

What Are Tennis Shoes?

tennis shoes

While tennis shoes now are specially made for playing tennis, they are also commonly used as casual shoes. Nonetheless, tennis shoes provide lateral support for quick and short lateral movements which is essential for tennis players. They are built from heavier materials since tennis shoes should be able to provide more foot stability. They also have toe guards to protect your feet in every change of movement and ensure that the shoes are durable enough to handle each forward push, toe drag, or sudden stop. An outrigger is also placed outside the shoes to enhance side movements and improve foot stability.

Indoor Soccer Shoes VS Tennis Shoes: Quick Comparison

Athletic shoes are all made for specified purposes. Both indoor and tennis shoes are made to enable your feet to move quickly in multi-directions and provide additional protection for sudden forward, backward and sideward movements. But what’s the difference? Can you use tennis shoes for playing indoor soccer and vice versa?

While you play tennis with your hand holding a tennis racket, you play indoor soccer using your feet to kick the ball. Thus, shoes are also your main weapons when playing indoor soccer so your shoes must have better grip for you to have more control of the ball. 

The main difference between indoor soccer shoes and tennis shoes that can be easily spotted is the outer sole. Tennis shoes usually have arches focusing on the midfoot region while indoor soccer shoes have flat outsoles. Indoor soccer shoes give you the edge of having more ball control compared to tennis shoes and even running shoes.

Inner soccer shoes are also made with lighter materials compared to tennis shoes. Since indoor soccer shoes are basically your weapon to be able to score in the game, the lighter shoes the more comfortable it is to move and maneuver around. On the other hand, the heavier and firmer the tennis shoe is, the more stability it can provide.

So, to answer the question if you can wear tennis shoes when playing indoor soccer, yes you can and nobody will stop you, but indoor soccer shoes are specialized shoes for the said sport and it is labeled as it is to specify its main function. The same goes for playing tennis — you can use indoor soccer shoes or even running shoes to play the game but there is no guarantee that it will be a comfortable game nor if your shoes can withstand all of your movements while playing especially if this is a serious game. Tennis shoes are specialized for tennis sport, so even you have wider shoe options, it is still better to be equipped with the right gear whatever sport you are at. 

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