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Best Futsal Balls in 2020

Selectiron of the best balls for futsal.
Written by Damien Gavrilho

Futsal differs from soccer in a variety of ways, right from the size of the ball to the number of players. Each futsal team is comprised of five players in the field, including the goalkeeper, and nine substitutes. The coach can make as many substitutions as possible. However, to play your best game, you need to have the best futsal ball money can buy.

We have looked at various futsal balls, and we have come up with this list of the best futsal balls for 2020. However, the best futsal ball depends on whether you are playing on indoors or outdoors fields, or out on the street. Here is the best futsal balls reviewed in 2020:

  1. Nike Premier X Futsal Ball
  2. Puma One Trainer MS Futsal Ball
  3. Senda Street Freestyle Trick and Skills Ball
  4. Mikasa Serious Futsal Ball
  5. Gfutsal TotalSala Pro 400
  6. Baden Futsal Low Bounce Practice Ball
  7. Senda Rio Premium Training Low Bounce Futsal Ball
  8. Mikasa Fsc 450 America Futsal Ball
  9. Select Futsal Jinga
  10. Mitre Futsal Hyper-Seam Futsal Ball
  11. Select Campo Futsal Ball Orange
  12. America Brasilia Futsal Ball Lime

Nike Premier X Futsal Ball

Premier X is the best FIFA approved futsal ball from Nike.

Since 1960, Nike has grown to accommodate a variety of sports. The Nike Premier X Futsal Ball provides exceptional touch and control. It has a high-contrast graphic design for easier reading during its flight trajectory. Nike has great customer service, and they will ensure that you find a solution. The Nike futsal ball is durable, and it offers the best value for money. The ball can perform well indoors as well as outdoors, making it the best futsal ball on this list.

The Nike Premier X has the following features:

  • 52% polyester, 27% rubber, 17% polyurethane, and 4% cotton
  • Traditional 32-panel design for accurate ball flight
  • Textured casing for enhanced touch and feel
  • Low-bounce butyl bladder that provides superior air retention


  • It is FIFA approved
  • It is durable and holds up well during practice or play
  • Good weight and low bounce


  • The graphics on the futsal ball fade after a few games
  • You will need to add air every few days

Puma One Trainer MS Futsal Ball

Puma One Trainer is one of the best Futsal balls from Puma.

The Puma One Trainer MS Futsal ball is one of the best that money can buy. The ball comes in a variety of colors and is also durable and functional as an outdoor or indoor futsal ball. It is machine sewn for durability and smooth touch and great design. I personally love TPU and chromed TPU lining this Puma ball used for an impressive look. In addition, TPU cover with foam/polyester reinforcement provide excellent bounce and flight characteristics.

Puma futsal balls are some of the most preferred balls today. They are heavier and have a low bounce making them perfect for indoor futsal games. Unfortunately, they tend to peel faster when playing outdoor or street futsal ball. With that said, it has excellent air retention, and this means that you can go for days without having to pump more air. You can compare it with the Adidas futsal ball to make the best buying decision.


  • The ball comes in a variety of colors, shocking orange, white, and black
  • It is heavier to allow for easy indoor playing and low bounce
  • Good weight for ball control


  • The outer covering peels of much faster when played outdoors
  • It needs constant pumping to achieve the correct air pressure for playing

Senda Futsal And Street Freestyle Trick and Skills Ball

Senda Futsal ball for streets

Senda Athletics has only been designing and manufacturing balls for ten years now. The company is the official ball partner of the US Youth Futsal League. They took the traditional futsal ball and redesigned it for better handling, control, and durability. Tire-like rubber cover for durability and superior control and reinforced bladder used a for better air retention. This two things provide this ball with low bounce. Bonus: it’s designed not only for futsal but also specifically for use in street skills and freestyle tricks.

Senda Athletics have been around for a decade, and they are taking the competition to some of the more established sports companies in futsal industry. They offer a one-year warranty as part of their commitment to providing excellent value.

The Senda Street Freestyle Trick and Skills Ball’s trends are for better handling, but it makes dribbling a nightmare. It will take time before you can learn how to dribble well with the Senda ball, but it is worth every penny.


  • Sturdy construction makes it more durable
  • Extended air retention
  • 1-year warranty
  • The surface provides better grip for better control and handling


  • The tacky exterior that makes it perfect for freestyle tricks makes it a nightmare for dribbling
  • Sometimes the ball is not a perfect sphere
  • Short return window

Mikasa Serious Futsal Ball

Mikasa futsal ball size 4.

While this is marketed as a soccer ball, it can as well be used in a futsal match. The Mikasa Serious futsal ball is a high-performance ball uses the classic black and white design. The casing protects a butyl bladder that is designed for maximum air retention. This always make it easy and ready to use without need for frequent inflation. This ball is stitched soft, synthetic leather cover that comes in black, white, and silver. What I really love about that ball, it’s available in 5 distinctive styles. Moreover, a butyl bladder is used for better air retention.

The Mikasa Serious Ball uses different materials compared to other balls on this futsal ball review, and this makes it more durable. However, you will need to have a pump nearby since the ball can deflate within an hour of play. With that said, it offers excellent value for money as a practice ball.


  • Tough cover than most futsal balls making it more durable and allowing for rougher play
  • It is soft to the touch, which means it will not leave bruises
  • Reasonable authentic movement
  • It is affordable


  • It needs frequent inflation
  • It is not NFHS certified for play, which means that it is a practice ball and not best for matches
  • The ball is shipped deflated and they do not include a pump, which is an issue for first time users

Gfutsal TotalSala Pro 400

TotalSala PRO 400 ball for futsal

The Gfutsal TotalSala Pro 400 ball was designed in accordance with the Brazilian Futsal Confederation specification for weight and size. It has gained popularity in English futsal academies, and this makes it one of the best balls on this futsal ball review. The company makes custom balls for futsal practice and matches. The Gfutsal TotalSala Pro 400 ball is made of DC-Shine material which includes 4 lamination layers for increased durability It is a size 4 futsal ball weighing between 410-440g and between 61 and 64 cm in circumference. The bladder is made of butyl filled with polyester which makes for a heavier feel as well as it has 32 patches with reinforced stitching.

If you are looking for a futsal game ball, then the Gfutsal TotalSala Pro 400, is the one for you. It meets the several international futsal standards and it offers impressive utility. Other than the few cons, it is a ball you can purchase for first time users. However, you will need to have a pump at the ready.


  • It is appropriate for people of all ages
  • High durability
  • 1-year warranty
  • It is soft yet durable and offers players great handling and control


  • It deflates easily
  • It tends to give way at the seams after a couple of games
  • It easily peels off when used outside, meaning it is best used with indoor futsal matches and practice sessions

Baden Futsal Low Bounce Practice Ball

Baden Futsal Ball

This futsal ball is approved by the US Futsal Federation. It is a low bounce futsal or indoor soccer ball that is designed to improve your ball control and handling as well as improve performance on the pitch. Each ball is handsewn to ensure that each panel is stitched with accuracy and precision. It is a low bounce ball which improves performance and ball control. Also, this Baden futsal ball uses advanced PU cover material that gives better flight and ball control on the ground as well as it uses reinforced butyl bladder that provides maximum air retention and durability.

Baden ships their ball inflated which means that you can play with it as soon as you receive it. However, you might want to check that it has enough pressure. It is a beautiful affordable ball and it is soft to the touch. While the Baden Futsal Low Bounce Practice Ball is suited for practice sessions, it wears much faster when used outdoors.


  • It is extremely durable thanks to the butyl bladder and hand sewn panels
  • It holds air very well
  • Several sizes for players of different ages
  • They are certified by the US Futsal Federation


  • It comes pre-inflated without specifying the pressure in the ball
  • It is recommended for practice sessions
  • Strained seams after a few sessions

Senda Rio Premium Training Low Bounce Futsal Ball

Best futsal ball from Senda athletics.

This is another of the best futsal balls from Senda athletics, and it is meant for use during practice sessions. It is a low bounce ball made with durable materials from the cover to the bladder holding the air specifically for futsal game. Senda is the official ball partner for the US Youth Futsal League and it is committed to the development and growth of the futsal game. This futsal ball has reinforced bladder made from synthetic materials and rubber for less ambient air loss, better air retention, and less inflation. Additionally, it has a durable cover with a foam backing for a soft touch.

Senda Athletics is continually manufacturing high quality futsal balls. However, most of them are suited to indoor futsal games since they tend to wear put much faster when played outside. In addition, this ball is meant for training sessions, which means that you need an extra ball for the matches. The best thing is that the Senda Rio Premium Training Low Bounce Ball comes with one-year warranty, which increases the value for your money.


  • Extended air retention
  • Low bounce and smaller in size
  • Manufactured in a Fair Trade Certified factory, which means that they do not use child labor and they highly regard the safety and health of their employees
  • They use hi-tech stitching for tighter and stronger seams


  • Possible lumps after inflation on one or more panels
  • It does not roll well when passing
  • It wears faster when played outdoors

Mikasa Fsc 450 America Futsal Ball

Mikasa America is one of the best futsal balls

The Mikasa Fsc 450 America Futsal Ball is one of the best balls for futsal training and playing in an actual match. It is well designed and incorporates a variety of features that you would expect in an indoor futsal ball. The ball comes in a range of colors including yellow, red, and green. It has great durability despite being made in China. There are few things I love about this ball:

  • It is lightweight and small
  • Made of high-quality materials that hold and maintain air pressure well
  • Perfectly stitched panels for increased durability’
  • Use of reinforced butyl for improved air retention

The Mikasa Fsc 450 is a replica of the balls used in English premier futsal leagues. This means that you get a highly developed ball for a fraction of the price. However, if you take it outdoors, it will not give value for your money. In addition, it is recommended for adults as the weight could injure children.


  • It is perfect for indoor use by adults
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • It is heavier than balls of its size and this makes it a low bounce ball
  • It is affordable


  • The padded cover tends to fade after a few sessions
  • It constantly needs inflation as frequently as once a week
  • It is not the most durable futsal ball in the market

Select Futsal Jinga

Jinga futsal ball is the best one from Select.

The Select Futsal Jinga ball comes in a variety of sizes ideal for children and adults. It is ideal for practice sessions and it offers consistent performance. It is built to last even in short-intensive drills. It also comes as a ball for a futsal (size 4)! The unique thing about this futsal ball is having a traditional hand-sewn 32-panel design and a FPUS 1300 synthetic leather cover for increased durability.

The Select Futsal Jinga ball is great for training sessions and the low bounce makes it easy to control. The outer cover made of synthetic leather makes for a soft and firm feel when playing without bruising. It is a great buy, but you should ensure that it is played indoors to get the promised durability.


  • A one-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Hand sewn with a double-lock valve for air and shape retention, and durability
  • Great air and shape retention
  • New and colorful design for 2018-2020


  • It is not the standard size for futsal
  • It might not last as expected
  • The color on the cover fade after short term use

Mitre Futsal Hyper-Seam Futsal Ball

Mitre hyperseam soccer ball comes in size 4 for futsal.

While it is advertised as a soccer ball, it can be used as a street futsal ball thanks to the hyper-seam sewing technique used on it. There are few futsal balls that you can play with outside, and this one takes the trophy. Mitre used high-quality materials used for the cover to enhance flight visibility as well as a traditional 32-panels with a hyper seam for increased durability

There are very few outdoor and street futsal ball manufacturers and Mitre makes a good enough ball. It is perfect for practice sessions as well as full games. The high-quality cover and the hyper-seam allow it to maintain its shape and retain air. You also do not have to keep on inflating the Mitre Futsal Hyper-Seam Ball despite the abuse you heap on it.


  • Uses high quality and hyper seam for increased durability
  • The butyl ensures that you get proper air retention
  • It is colorful and you can tell the position during flight
  • It can be used both outdoors and indoors


  • The graphics on the cover tends to wear off after a few sessions
  • It can cause injuries since it is heavier
  • It can be a problem for children

Select Campo Futsal Ball

Select Campo ball is the most popular option among futsal players.

Select has over the years left a mark as one of the best futsal ball makers. The Select Campo ball is orange in color, and it can be used for playing indoor futsal. It is made with great care to ensure increased durability and air retention. It’s really durable ball because of an FPUS 1300 synthetic leather orange cover. As a result, it is heavier than an ordinary ball and this gives it a low bounce.

The Select Campo futsal ball is a great addition to your collection. They are easy to track when playing and they are great for dribbling and passing. The cover feels soft, and this means that you can play without the fear of injury or bruises. However, the cover peels off and this could cause skin breakage if you do not have the proper futsal shoes.


  • It is brightly colored for increased tracking during flight
  • A one-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • It is hand sewn wand it has a double-lock valve for air
  • Butyl bladder helps in air and shape retention
  • New and colorful design for 2018-2020


  • The outer material fades and peels off after a few sessions
  • They are too light and physically smaller
  • Needs to be inflated often to maintain good air pressure for playing

America Brasilia Futsal Ball

 American Brasilia Ball available in size 4 and it's a great option for playing futsal.

Searching for futsal ball outdoor on most search engines will present the America Brasilia ball in the results. However, despite the name, it is one of the best balls for playing futsal both in and outdoors. It is not only durable, but it retains shape very well even after extended use. This ball uses advanced cover material that gives better flight and ball control on the ground as well as a double-lock valve for enhanced air retention. Other features:

  • A butyl bladder for shape retention and durability
  • 3.25mm TPU material with 2 layers of cotton and polyester lining
  • Reinforced machine stitched 32 panels construction
  • Textured casing for enhanced touch and feel

The America Brasilia ball is one of the best futsal balls for outdoor playing on a grass field. However, the seams are not as reinforced as advertised as several customers have complained of it ripping or having air leaks. However, they have a nice customer care team and that ensure to solve your problem with the ball right away.


  • Reinforced machine stitching which increases the durability
  • Designed for the youth and children playing outside on grass fields
  • Brightly colored, which allows for easier tracking during flight
  • It holds shape and travels well
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • It has problems retaining air
  • It rips easily
  • The shape is a little lopsided


Futsal is a fast-paced game that requires agility and the proper ball. The players must make nearly impossible maneuvers, and this means that the futsal ball needs to be of high quality. With the above futsal ball review, we are sure that you will get at least one that will meet your needs. Be sure to compare prices and the durability by reading the reviews from previous customers

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