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Futsal and Turf Shoes: Is it Okay to Wear Turf Shoes for Futsal?

using turf shoes for Futsal
Written by Damien Gavrilho

Today, soccer-related games may be played both indoors and outdoors, and both situations need specific footwear.

What you’re wearing on your feet matters a lot when it comes to soccer. Among other advantages, wearing the appropriate shoes will provide you superb ball control, stability on the field, and running speed.

So the frequent question is: Can you play futsal wearing turf soccer cleats? This post will answer this question and guide you in choosing footwear for your next futsal game.

What are Turf Shoes?

Turf shoes have a low top height and several small, closely spaced rubber studs on the underside. They are made for artificial surfaces, both indoors and out, however, they can occasionally be worn on real grass under specific circumstances.

These shoes’ soles are their most distinguishing feature. The rest of it is very typical of soccer footwear. Instead of the bigger plastic studs that are used for grass, turf cleats contain smaller rubber studs. When playing on turf fields, this is done to offer the necessary traction.

Since turf shoes are so adaptable, playing on hard surfaces shouldn’t be an issue for you.

Can You Wear Turf Shoes in a Futsal Game?

You can, but it is not recommended. On certain surfaces, your grass cleats will lose their durability a bit quicker. Additionally, there is a greater chance of slipping and subsequent damage. The likelihood that the shoe nubs create stains n the flooring is also a possibility.

FIFA stipulates in its Futsal Laws of the Game that the proper footwear is made of canvas or soft leather trainers or gymnastic shoes with rubber soles or comparable material.

The United States Futsal (USFF), which has governed youth futsal, adult futsal, and professional futsal in the United States since 1981, is subject to the same rules.

Therefore, rubber-soled turf cleats are not specifically disallowed as possible shoes for indoor soccer players.

You may use your tuff shoes as you prefer. You ought to be good to go as long as they do not leave marks on surfaces.

It’s possible that some players even prefer their turf cleats to traditional indoor soccer sneakers. But you should be aware that when you aren’t playing on turf ground, your turf cleat will wear out a little bit more quickly.

Are Special Shoes Required for Indoor Soccer?

Soccer shoes for indoor play are very different from regular running shoes. You will feel the ball more accurately if you are wearing shoes designed specifically for indoor soccer or futsal. Additionally, you’ll be able to maneuver laterally and forward more effectively.

You might experience some traction issues because the air-filled thick sole of the running shoe wasn’t designed for the same purpose. You can easily continue to use your everyday shoes rather than soccer-specific ones, but your performance will suffer.

The risk of injury is the most crucial factor you should take into account. Because indoor soccer courts are smooth and slick, you must make the most shoe-to-surface contact possible to prevent sliding. Only flat soccer indoor shoes can provide this since a very small portion of the sole will make contact with the ground when wearing turf cleats.

Final Words

Turf shoes are intended for use on synthetic and turf surfaces. The shoes can be worn both indoors and outside, depending on the terrain.

When playing professional futsal, it is absolutely necessary to have shoes designed specifically for the surface you will be playing on. If you are playing futsal while wearing improper cleats, there are several negative consequences on your performance as well as injury concerns. Check the best shoes for futsal here.

All things considered, you should only use turf cleats on turf. Hard courts are the only surfaces where turf soccer cleats should be used.

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