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Does Futsal Improve Dribbling Skills?

Dribbling during plating futsal
Written by Damien Gavrilho

Because there are fewer players and a smaller playing area, players will handle the ball more frequently and engage in more one-on-one situations during futsal games. As a result, they’ll be able to pass, dribble, fake, feint, and employ the ball trap more effectively.

Fast-moving sports like futsal demand a lot of technical talent and quick thinking. Your futsal game will undoubtedly improve with the right futsal drills. It is well known that futsal requires a lot of physical effort. Additionally, you need to have quick reflexes and an acute, trained sense of observation.

Dribbling Skills: Futsal VS Soccer

Playing futsal may sharpen your dribbling skills and you may use some of these skills to enhance your capabilities in playing soccer.

However, if you are thinking of playing futsal to improve your regular soccer dribbling abilities, you should give it another thought. A standard size 5 ball is used in a soccer game while a size 4 ball is used in futsal.

Use a typical size 5 ball if your goal is to enhance your dribbling with one. Although it can seem easy, there are many differences in the way a futsal ball is controlled and moved.

It is also important to practice in different variations of balls to improve your abilities. Hence, using futsal as a practice for dribbling will not guarantee better dribbling skills for soccer as you may have the tendency to mix things up or get used to a size 4 ball.

Futsal Dribbling Skills

Dribbling is the act of trapping the ball and moving it through a defender. Ball trapping and carrying are two additional skills needed for dribbling in futsal. 

Dribbling calls for agility, quickness, originality, and a change of direction with the goal of fooling the opponent and slipping past.

Body Dribbling Skills in Futsal

Futsal’s Body Dribbing, also known as Body Dribble or Body Feint, differs from the Dribble since it is executed without trapping the ball. Body dribbling is a creative talent that involves changing directions without the ball in order to trick the opponents and reach for or receive the ball.

Bottom Line

You must be skilled at dribbling in order to play futsal well. You can guard the ball, penetrate the defense, and maintain possession by improving this skill.

The objective is to maintain the ball between your legs and stop your opponent from grabbing it. Like with any other technique, improving your expertise in dribbling also requires a lot of effort.

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