List of 8 Best Shin Pads For Futsal in 2022

Different shin pads for futsal
Written by Damien Gavrilho

Since the shin guards used in soccer are the same for both indoor and outdoor play, finding shin guards for futsal is simple. Every soccer player requires protection, no matter where they play. 

Futsal shin guards are intended to shield players from other players’ feet more so than from the ball. Even though players don’t use spiked cleats in futsal, you need nevertheless wear shin guards to protect yourself from potential kicks.

Like any footwear, a player’s choice of shin guard type and shape can be an expression of individuality in a game where a uniformed kit is worn.

We’ve compiled some of the best futsal shin pads on the market in 2023. You may choose depending on what you desire from your game.

Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guard

One of my go-to pairs of shin guards for futsal is the Nike Mercurial Lite. I find it difficult to see past the comfort they provide despite their excellent style and range of colors and sizes. In addition, they are simple to put on and take off. I’ve repeatedly avoided countless injuries and abrasions thanks to these shin guards.

One of its best qualities is the dri-fit sleeve’s ability to breathe while remaining entirely secure and comfy. It doesn’t distract me from the game while still giving me the security and protection I require because of its modest thickness.

Henkel Carbon Fiber Soccer Shin Guards

Henkel may be a brand you’ve never heard of, but these shin guards are comparable to the Cadillac of them. They are thus a little more expensive but still worthwhile. Although extremely light, the special carbon fiber composition is exceptionally effective against high impact.

These protective shin guards are lightweight and bulk-free. They are rather light. These shin guards have EVA sponge foam backing for more comfort. The guard’s arc shape provides a more comfortable fit.

Adidas Performance Lesto Shin Guard

Soccer players might use Adidas’ Performance Lesto shin guards since they offer a strong shield composed entirely of polypropylene and it perfectly works for futsal too. These shin guards will be quite tough, but they will also fit comfortably due to the synthetic inside. All soccer players can benefit from wearing these shin protectors.

G-Form Pro-X Ankle Shin Guards

Not only the shins, but also the ankles require support while playing futsal, and this flexible G-Form product will give both a smart, cushioned form that clings tightly to your leg.

Its ultra-low-profile design makes it incredibly unobstructed and sleek with a SmartFlex feature that tightens during play to offer greater bulk against the weather, making it ideal for those quick attacking plays.

Vizari Malaga Futsal Shin Guards

The PP shell of the Malaga shin guards from Vizari is lightweight and strong enough to shield your shin from players, making them excellent shin guards.

For increased comfort, this shin guard also has a foam-padded backing. They will snugly fit against your shin with no discomfort or movement when worn with soccer socks. These shin guards’ bottoms contain a foot strap and side padding for additional ankle safety.

These Malaga shin guards are an excellent complement to your soccer gear and are ideal for any match.

Adidas Performance Ghost Pro Shin Guards

My other favorite shin guard for futsal is the Adidas Performance Ghost Pro. This guard fits perfectly and has 16 different colors, is easy to clean, and has an excellent coverage area.

It is constructed of three separate shields that are affixed together and are strong, light, and comfy. This provides excellent flexibility and a tight, secure fit.

The backing of the guards is made of a material that resembles “pleather” to stop moisture and stink from penetrating. This is something that I constantly seek because it increases the longevity of a product that, even after being fully and correctly washed, can still end up looking fairly horrible due to sweat and odor.

Mitre Aircell Carbon Shin Guards

Mitre pads for futsal will, at the absolute least, ensure that your shins receive consistent ventilation regardless of the weather.

As you move through the back-and-forth paces of a match, its honeycombed shape offers just enough protection to stop you from picking at the stud scrapes on your shins while yet allowing the flesh beneath you to breathe.

What I like best about these shin pads is how cool and breathable they are thanks to the incorporation of Aircell technology. It also includes a fixed sock with ankle protection for a secure and protective fit.

Mitre Deflekta Shin Guards

These affordable solutions from Mitre demonstrate that buying quality shin pads doesn’t require spending a lot of money thanks to their small and effective design.

They will shield your shins from difficulties that crunch them and handle those lost balls with no issue at all. They are made with a clever compact hardshell design locked to dual straps to ensure you can tighten the fit properly.

Its lightweight and breathability are two things I adore about it. Additionally, it has hook and loop straps to keep it firmly in place.


Players may have different preferences when it comes to shin pads and other futsal gears. The Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guards, however, in my opinion, is the undisputed champion among these futsal shin pads options. This pair of soccer cleats provide protection while remaining permeable enough to wear during an intense match.

The Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guards are superior to the other pairs of shin protection since they come with separate left- and right-leg guards. Most people may discover their fit thanks to a wide range of sizes and the individual fit’s far greater comfort. This may not be the best pair for you though if you are not fond of sleeve-styled shin guards.

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