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Can Messi Play Futsal?

Lionel Messi is playing futsal
Written by Damien Gavrilho

Lionel Messi, FC Barcelona’s all-time greatest scorer, credits futsal for a large part of his football development. He did play a lot of futsal while still playing for Newell’s Old Boys and making his first steps in football in Argentina.

On October 16, 2004, Lionel Messi made his home debut at the Nou Camp as a promising 17-year-old, and from there, his football journey went on.

Futsal Paved Way For Lionel Messi 

Messi, one of the top players in La Liga and around the globe, has credited playing Futsal from an early age in Argentina as one of the most crucial influences in his development as one of the all-time greats of world football.

Few could have imagined how Messi would go on to enchant the football world for a decade after his eight-minute cameo against Espanyol. Messi relieved goalscorer Deco in a 1-0 win at Montjuic, becoming Barcelona’s youngest-ever La Liga player at 17 years and 114 days.

Messi’s game has steadily improved over the years. Messi’s links to Argentina remained strong despite his dual citizenship and career advancement in Spain. He was a crucial player in different Argentine national teams beginning in 2005. He even participated in Argentina’s victorious game in the 2005 FIFA World Youth Championship,

Messi On His Football Journey

Futsal became a stepping stone for Messi’s football career. He is one of the finest football players in history.  He describes playing futsal in the streets of Argentina as a child. He eventually joined football clubs, and from there, his path toward a career in sports continued.

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